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RAK Logistics Singapore, previously known as AGL, is the Headquarter office of RAK Logistics. RAK Logistics Singapore is at the center of the ASEAN region and a key asset in RAK's global presence. Singapore is able to offer an end-to-end solution utilizing the entire RAK network. Our team in Singapore is highly trained and knowledgeable in logistics and strives to deliver the best customer experience. 


RAK Singapore's service offering includes, air freight, ocean freight, warehouse and distribution and a variety of value added services. Our team has the ability to develop creative solutions that satisfy your need while saving you money and providing exceptional service. 




HQ Address: 273 Thomson Road #04-04, Singapore 307644

Tel: +65-6266 0886 

Fax: +65-6266 0883 




Warehousing and Distribution services can be provided in Singapore as well. RAK has partnered with a reputable 3PL company for upgraded warehouse capabilities. Our Singapore warehouse adds to our value play as we can provide storage, pick and pack, transloading, track and trace and other value added services. Our Singapore team is highly trained and skilled both in the office and in the warehouse. Our greatest success stems from creative logistics solutions that adapt to the demanding marketplace.  If you want someone you can trust, who is going to look out for your best interests, someone who might be a little audacious sometimes then we are the partner for you!


Air Freight is an essential piece of a logistics plan. When time is limited and your shipment needs to arrive by a set date quickly approaching, then shipping air cargo is your only solutions. RAK Singapore has a second office located at the Airport: 115 Airport Cargo Road #01-38 Cargo Agents Building C Changi Airfreight Centre Singapore 819466. Our team is able to set up, track the shipment from start to finish, and find the best method of shipment to ensure that your product is there at the time it's required. Our systems give us high visibility to your shipment through the entire process. 


RAK Singapore can provide a variety of value added services such as: pick and pack, project management, kitting, financing, mission critical freight, control tower and more. We take good care of our client's needs and ensure all material is handled safely, effectively and efficiently.

Pick and Pack Process

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Rework Process

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