Value Added


You know when the light goes off and your inventive thought is the ideal answer for your client? It's called an Aha Moment!

Once in a while you simply require somewhat more encourage and somebody to work those exceptional undertakings, mission basic conveyances or worth included administration that is somewhat more specific. Well – we are okay at having moments of realization and dealing with these strange issues. We realize that this range of administration should be tweaked, novel, imaginative and inventive. Our group likes doing diverse things and in light of our procedure, we do them entirely great. Converse with us on the off chance that you require that additional pair of hands, we can help you.

Mission Critical Freight

Is it accurate to say that you are requiring that shipment to make it to the client by a particular date, particular time and it's central goal basic? Tell us. We've done this multiple occassions and our group can venture up, track the shipment through and through, and locate the best technique for shipment to guarantee that your item is there at the time it's required. Our frameworks give us high perceivability to your shipment through the whole procedure.

Packing and Packaging

Do you have product that wants special packaging or handling? Our distribution centers will offer that further packing that's needed. we tend to ar able to crate and pack your product to make sure that there's no injury on the method.

Project Management

We have a formidable chronicle in providing our customers with project management. This resolution is each effective and will increase performance with a frenzied team and structured approach. we have a tendency to deliver success on your behalf. we have a tendency to work together with your team to deliver a high quality resolution for you and your customers.

Inventory, Trade & Financing

RAK can organize your logistics and financing ...  our staff can setup multiple forms of business financing to help facilitate your business's growth.  There are a number of programs such as Trade Financing which provides more working capital to purchase inventory and grow your trading business.  We can also setup accounts receivable financing or invoice financing to help your business grow even more quickly. This method of financing uses your company’s accounts receivable as collateral. This form of financing works by selling your business’ outstanding invoices at a discount to a factoring company (aka an AR financing company) for immediate cash flow. LEARN MORE