RAK UAE Team Take On Delicate Metal Project

Successfully transported large machinery from UAE to EU

RAK Ceramics PJSC

"Trusted Logistics Partner" manages all RAK Ceramics distribution.

Ocean Savings to Customers

RAK Logistics provides real savings in Ocean exports for Customers

Transport of Gas Turbines into Algeria

RAK Logistics was challenges by Dodsal to transport 8 gas turbines and accessories from Rotterdam and Ferrol to Algeria.

Going the Distance for Frozen Seafood

RAK has provided FFSAPI with a valued choice other than direct shipping carriers.


RAK Logistics checks off all the needs of SGB/BEIS in the Middle East.

Reliable Project Deliveries

Providing Anixter unique deliveries that require RELIABILITY and RESPONSIVENESS for success.

Gaining a Client's Trust

RAK Logistics wins AmeriGlobe's Trust with Responsiveness and Individual Attention.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

RAK continues to be a partner that is ready, willing and dependable.