One of the things that differentiate RAK Logistics from many other service providers is that all our global operations are on one single operating system.

CargoWise One is a highly modular, enterprise-class system that streamlines the operations, accounts and management of Logistics Service Providers. The solution has provided the company with a common, integrated global support platform that can be localized to the demands of each region as required.

Critical business advantages of CargoWise One include:

  • The removal of double keying, and ability of all personnel to instantly access any shipment, record or piece of information increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.
  • Ability to customise and personalise all customer facing documents (eg Invoices, Statements, Pre-Alerts, Manifests, Order Status and Delivery Advices).
  • Deep audit tracking of all system and user actions. The result is significantly improved service, reduction in operating costs and an improvement in our ability to win (and retain) new clients.



Handles origin, destination and all intermediate vessel or flight requirements and forwarding, customs, costing and invoicing requirements in the one compellingly simple multi-layered form that is transparent organization-wide. Integrated electronic manifesting between branches and countries eliminates costly double entry of consol and shipment data. It also integrates tightly with AES, AMS, FWB/FHL and Online Airline Schedules/TACT.

Warehouse Management

A multi-warehousing, multi-client contract logistics warehouse management software with powerful inventory control and invoicing modules that accurately handle client stock across single or multiple warehouses. The single enterprise-wide database can handle 3PL and 4PL and acts as a complete warehousing software application for management, stocktaking and auditing.

Order Manager

A sophisticated order tracking module that enables individual orders to be tracked from the time the order is placed until the order is received by the consignee. This module links automatically with Forwarder and WebTracker and also allows the integration of order management processes into the client’s business processes.


Full document management system creates the paperless office. Store all paper documents in a digital form that is attached to jobs, client files, creditor invoices and even staff files. Once billed and paid, jobs can be permanently archived to medium-term online storage or archived to CD-ROM for long-term storage of 10 or more years.


WebTracker is a web-based online global logistics and shipment tracking product that takes order detail all the way down to part number and monitors it through the life of the transaction. WebTracker is accessible for any party (given the appropriate security clearances) and may also be edited by any authorized party.


Sales & Marketing is an integrated CRM module specifically designed for Logistics Service Providers. Centralize the maintenance of all your buy rates, company tariffs and quotations through sales tariff management system capable of handling multiple ‘standard’ tariffs.

The full sales and marketing management system includes a comprehensive sale quotation system that links to the rating system. Client data gathering, quotations and a range of management reporting options enables you to measure sales staff performance across the entire sales funnel – from cold call management to quotation to completed sales.

Messaging & Communication Interfaces


  • an ‘Out of the Box’ solution to integrate your business with global and local partners who also use CargoWise One.
  • All interfaces are pre mapped to standard file formats


  • Customized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Interfaces between CargoWise One and trading partners, such as customers, suppliers, and agents
  • Extensive range of standard data exchange formats.
  • Supports various communication protocols


  • DIY Option for companies with a strong in-house software development team