Alternative Financing Solutions available from PMF Bancorp

RAK Logistics understands the importance of attaining financial backing to create a successful business and continuous growth. In working with a variety of clients we have learned that many face challenges in accumulating funding. Therefore, RAK Logistics has partnered with PMF Bancorp to provide Alternative Financing Solutions for our customers. RAK Logistics strives to find partners in our customers and not simply provide transactional services. We want to help our clients grow their business and maximize their supply chain efficiencies. 


About PMF Bancorp
  • PMF Bancorp (“PMF”) has been a leading US lender since 1985. 
  • PMF specializes in providing working capital and cash flow solutions to small businesses for loans from $20,000 to $1 million.
  • As a direct lender, PMF provides:
    • Fintech business loans
    • Invoice Factoring
    • Trade Financing/ PO financing
  • PMF also provides credit evaluation & credit insurance.
  • PMF also has specialty in international trade financing with offices in Hong Kong and China.


Advantages of Financing:

  • Funding in 24 hours
  • Regulated and Licensed partners for last 35 years
  • Providing many Financing Programs
  • Providing Credit Insurance and Credit Monitoring of All your Customers
  • 24 / 7 Online access and helpful account managers with years of experience…


RAK has a number of simple to setup financing solutions. Email a description of your logistics and financing needs and we will help set up a plan for your company's growth.

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