Food & beverage

 Food and Beverage Logistics Solution

When it comes to food and beverage products maintaining the products integrity is our number one goal. It no use to ship the product if it was damaged or has expired. RAK Logistics operations with respect to all FDA requirements to food. Our teams have experience serving companies in the food, beverage and confectionery industries, including one of the largest fruit companies in the world.   

Are you Manufacturing Overseas?  RAK can handle the international transport, customs clearance, port pickup, delivery to warehouse, packing, labeling and distribution to the final destination. RAK can manage the process from start to end and provide visibility in every step of the process.

Service offering for Consumer Goods

  • Direct deliveries to retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Target or their DC's 
  • Retail compliance - Avoid retailer chargebacks by letting RAK manage the process
  • Order fulfillment for product moving B2B or B2C
  • Kitting/ Packaging service on short notice
  • Promotional display builds 
  • Inventory management - Choose from a variety of inventory practices including, FIFO, LIFO, Date Stamp and more 
  • Track and Track Technology - Know where your product is at all times, on the water, in the warehouse or on the road



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