Freight Forwarder Services

We are a service company . . . so we should provide service, right? And if we plan on doing it for awhile, we should probably be pretty good at it. You know what? We are! We are good at it. We can give you all the buzz words that sell you on what we are . . . innovative, flexible, efficient. But, bottomline, we know you are depending on us to do what we do well. We love the fact that you can pass the baton to us and no longer worry! We don’t feel we have to be the biggest guy out there (even though we are global) and we don’t have to promise the world (even though we have a wide selection of services). We just need you to know we care . . . and because we care, we go out of our way to serve you. Simply at your service!


Yep, just like everyone else, we have buildings, forklifts and all the other stuff needed to manage inventories and your products. The difference is how our people USE those things. We want you to be happy with us. We want you to like working with us (we’re pretty fun to be around!). But when we come up with a creative logistics solution that checks off everything on your wishlist - boy, then we know we’re successful. If you want someone you can trust, who is going to look out for your best interests, someone who might be a little audacious sometimes then we are the partner for you!


We’re here to reduce your stress level. Now, we don’t own the vessels, the planes, the trucks but we do know the people who do! And we’ve known them a long time. Your product is visible to us (and to you!) every step of the way.

  • Is your shipment safe?
  • Is it secure?
  • Do we know where it is?
Our strength in the transportation area gives you the comfort of knowing your freight is managed locally and internationally by air, by sea or land. Our systems are all connected (no wires!) and full visibility.



More value on top of value? What does that mean? Well, what we really mean here is sometimes you just need a little more help in areas that won’t be necessary all the time. Or maybe it’s a one-time only need. Well – we are really good at projects and managing these for people. We like doing different things and because of our checklist, we do them pretty good. Talk to us if you need that extra pair of hands, we can help you.


We love the fact that you can pass the baton to us and no longer worry!