Value Added


you know whilst the lightbulb goes off and your modern concept is the perfect answer on your patron? It’s referred to as an Aha second!

On occasion you just need a little more help and a person to work those unique initiatives, assignment critical deliveries or fee brought carrier that may be a little more specialised. properly – we are surely properly at having aha moments and managing these out of the everyday troubles. We realize that this place of service needs to be customized, particular, modern and innovative. Our group likes doing different things and because of our technique, we do them quite suitable. communicate to us if you need that greater pair of palms, we assist you to.

Mission Critical Freight

Are you desiring that shipment to make it to the consumer by way of a particular date, unique time and it’s mission vital? allow us to recognize. We’ve executed this usually and our group is able to step up, song the shipment from begin to finish, and locate the fine method of shipment to ensure that your product is there on the time it’s required. Our structures provide us excessive visibility in your cargo thru the complete manner.

Packing and Packaging

Do you've got product that desires special packaging or coping with? Our distribution facilities can offer that greater packing that is required. we are able to crate and % your product to make certain that there's no harm alongside the manner.

Project Management

We've an impressive track record in presenting our clients with challenge management. This answer is each effective and increases performance with a committed crew and established method. We deliver achievement in your behalf. We paintings along with your group to supply a first-rate answer for you and your clients.

Inventory, Trade & Financing

RAK can organize your logistics and financing ...  our staff can setup multiple forms of business financing to help facilitate your business's growth.  There are a number of programs such as Trade Financing which provides more working capital to purchase inventory and grow your trading business.  We can also setup accounts receivable financing or invoice financing to help your business grow even more quickly. This method of financing uses your company’s accounts receivable as collateral. This form of financing works by selling your business’ outstanding invoices at a discount to a factoring company (aka an AR financing company) for immediate cash flow. LEARN MORE